1) (to increase speed: The driver accelerated to pass the other car.) acelerar
2) (to make (something) happen sooner: Worry accelerated his death.) acelerar
- accelerator
accelerate vb acelerar
El gerundio de accelerate se escribe accelerating
transitive verb
1 acelerar
intransitive verb
1 acelerarse
accelerate [ɪk'sɛlə.reɪt, æk-] v, -ated ; -ating vt
: acelerar, apresurar
accelerate vi
: acelerar (dícese de un carro)
abreviar v.
acelerar (Física) v.
adelantar v.
apresurar v.
intransitive verb \<\<vehicle\>\> acelerar; \<\<person\>\> acelerar; (Auto) apretar* el acelerador; \<\<process/growth\>\> acelerarse

a) \<\<process\>\> acelerar, apresurar
b) accelerated past p acelerado
VT acelerar, apresurar

accelerated depreciation — depreciación f acelerada

accelerated program — (US) (Univ) curso m intensivo

VI (esp Aut) acelerar
* * *
intransitive verb \<\<vehicle\>\> acelerar; \<\<person\>\> acelerar; (Auto) apretar* el acelerador; \<\<process/growth\>\> acelerarse

a) \<\<process\>\> acelerar, apresurar
b) accelerated past p acelerado

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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